Planning a Vacation? Schedule Transactions in Advance 

TrustINdiana June Investor

Vacation? Schedule Transactions in Advance
Summer is finally here and that means it is hopefully time for a well-deserved vacation. Whether you are camping for a few days, out of the country for a week, or simply enjoying a day off, TrustINdiana has you covered. As you may already know, MYACCESS is the secure, online transaction portal for all TrustINdiana Participants. Through MYACCESS, you can:

  1. Execute transactions
  2. Access account information
  3. Generate detailed reports
  4. Schedule transactions in advance

Entering orders online for future dates ensures the funds are released without delay, even if you are out of the office. Via MYACCESS, enter future dated orders using the Order Entry tab. Simply enter the date you would like the transaction to be initiated and TrustINdiana will take care of the rest. TrustINdiana can send funds to your local bank via ACH or wire and can pull funds directly via ACH as long as you have banking instructions on file. Upcoming orders can always be viewed in the Pending Orders tab.

If you’d like to learn more about scheduling transactions in advance, contact our Client Service Team. Enjoy your summer!