Kelly-Mitchell“The purpose of the TrustINdiana program is to provide all Indiana local units of government the opportunity to invest in a common pool of investment assets that preserves the principal of the public’s funds, remains highly liquid, and maximizes the return on the investment. TrustINdiana only invests public sector funds in securities and other investments that are legally permitted pursuant to Indiana State Law and in a manner further defined by the program investment policy. There is no minimum for investing in TrustINdiana nor are there transaction fees.”

– Kelly Mitchell, Indiana Treasurer of State

Rates as of August 16, 2018

Daily Yield (%) 2.0098
YTD Yield (%) 1.6762
7-Day Yield (%) 2.0022
30-Day Yield (%) 1.9795
Weighted Average Maturity (To Reset) 30
Weighted Average Maturity (To Final) 32
Daily Dividend 0.000055064359
Net Asset Value (NAV) 1.00008274

TrustINdiana Daily Yield

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